Agglomeration and the Northern Powerhouse

Northern powerhouse

New city boundaries published today by the Office for National Statistics help illustrate the fragmentation of the great cities of the Northern Powerhouse, and highlight the importance of integration.

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Mapping housing wealth

concentration of housing wealth in London

Housing in the UK is “worth” around £6 trillion, but that value is very unevenly distributed. This is a map of total housing wealth in London, rather than house prices – a different view that shows just how concentrated the market has become.

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Is London too small?

London's dormitory belt

Is it time to redraw the map of London to reflect the reality of its huge economic pull on the wider south-east? New data released last week shows what an even “greater” London might look like.

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London’s Green Belt

London Green Belt MapThe Green Belt has an iconic status as one of the great successes of planning and preservation. But in the last year this sacred status has begun to be challenged more and more publicly, particularly in London.

The map shown here (which includes newly released data), is intended to put the debate into perspective, showing the Green Belt alongside London’s economic geography. You can click on the map for a more detailed version, and read more about it below.

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Double Vision – Play OAPF Bingo

OAPF mapEvery local area is different, right? Well read too many economic and planning strategies, and you’ll start to wonder. Can every town and city in the country really be a uniquely vibrant, sustainable, creative cluster? Play the OAPF Bingo quiz below, and see if you can correctly identify the different local visions.

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HS2 and Europe’s Largest Industrial Estate

HS2As the UK’s second High Speed line gets the Government’s go-ahead, opposition from rural constituencies has been much discussed. But could the biggest transformation actually be in Europe’s largest urban industrial estate?

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Who owns the high street?

High StreetCoverage of the Portas Review of High Streets has focused on the usual out-of-town and parking debates. But perhaps the biggest issue raised is that of fragmented ownership. Can High Streets recover without tackling this issue?

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Not in a house, not with a mouse

Do you have a real job? Are you sure? Well, the odds are your local council doesn’t think so.

In the bizarre parallel universe that is local policy, economic reality is suspended and vast sectors of the labour market are dismissed at a stroke. It’s as if the 20th Century had never happened, let alone the 21st.

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