Double Vision – Play OAPF Bingo

OAPF mapEvery local area is different, right? Well read too many economic and planning strategies, and you’ll start to wonder. Can every town and city in the country really be a uniquely vibrant, sustainable, creative cluster? Play the OAPF Bingo quiz below, and see if you can correctly identify the different local visions.

This quiz covers the vision statements of London’s Opportunity Area Planning Frameworks, but you can play the same game with policy anywhere.

Take the Quiz on the link here, good luck, and come back here afterwards to let us know how you got on: Play the OAPF Bingo quiz

I should say that a lot of good work has gone into the OAPFs, and local planning policy can play an important role in co-ordinating and promoting regeneration. But there’s a serious question here, should any local policy include statements that could apply equally anywhere?

As an experiment, try thinking of what the opposite of any particularly policy statement would be. If you find that the opposite doesn’t make sense, or would be contrary to national policy, then is this a genuine policy choice, or just a statement of the obvious?

UPDATE 24/10/13

Thanks for all the quiz entries. It’s averaging about 40% correct so far. If you get four or more right, then consider yourself in the elite. Or you need to get out more…

Still waiting for someone to ace it with all seven correct!

And here’s a Wordle of all seven OAPF Visions combined. “Jobs” surprisingly small.

OAPF Wordle


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